Six easy steps for performing a brake bleed

Six easy steps for performing a brake bleed

Compact and portable, the Laser Tools pressurised brake bleeder (5629) is a professional kit for the busy workshop. Here we show you how easy it is to use. 

When it comes to brake bleeding, most manufacturers recommend the ‘pressure’ method,
for which they usually specify their recommended pressure.

This professional workshop brake bleeding system is designed for
one-man operation and is quick, clean and efficient.

The internal pressure pump is powered from the vehicle’s 12V battery and the brake fluid reservoir
has a 5l capacity which enables the entire braking system fluid to be replaced in one fill,
without the risk of the reservoir running dry.

The unit supplies brake fluid, under pressure, to the vehicle’s fluid reservoir.
This pressure can be adjusted to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Once set up, the system is bled by opening the bleed screws.

Job done.

Watch the full video here:

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