Shock Absorber Replacement Guide; Mini One

Shock Absorber Replacement Guide; Mini One

KYB runs through the process for replacing the front shock absorbers on the Mini One, One D, Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S, Cooper SD (R56, R57) (10.06-).

There are 526,000 of these vehicle models on the road in the UK.
The estimated fitting time for front shock absorber replacement is 1 hour and 30 minutes per side.

1. Remove ABS sensor and brake hose.

2. Remove the stabiliser link bar from the strut housing.

3. Remove the bottom pinch bolt from the strut housing. 

4. Remove the top mounting, allowing the removal of the strut assembly from the vehicle.

5. Dismantle the strut assembly, keeping the OE spring plate as it is to be reused.

6. Reassemble the new parts. Note the part on the spring plate which slots into the hole on the strut.

7. Take note of the locating pin on the top of the strut mount.

8.  Place the strut assembly in position on the car. The locating pin previously highlighted must be positioned in the correct place, as shown in the image.

9. Tighten the top mount.

10. Relocate the strut housing and reconnect the bolt, stabiliser bracket and various hoses.

KYB advises that technicians check the wheel alignment after the shock absorber is fitted to the vehicle. The manufacturer also recommends that shock absorbers and coil springs are always fitted in axle pairs.


For further information from KYB Europe, click here.  

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