Macpherson Strut Replacement On a Volvo V70

General instructions for the replacement of the macpherson strut, including the coil spring, on a Volvo V70.

Before starting repairs, check that all the parts of the steering system and suspension that you will not be replacing are in perfect working order. This includes the steering gearbox with track rods, transverse
control arms, trailing arms and all joints and rubber bearings. The suspension strut bearing forms the upper attachment of the suspension strut and, essentially, has two functions:

  • Unhampered return of steering after cornering
  • Cushioning shocks on uneven roads

For safety reasons, suspension strut bearings should always be replaced as well.


Before the actual installation of the complete suspension strut, the assembly of the shock absorber, coil spring, dust cover with bump stop and suspension strut bearing is first outlined.

1. Fix the shock absorber
To facilitate assembly, clamp the shock absorber in an appropriate holding device.

2. Vent the shock absorber
Remove the lock of the piston rod and press it a few times into the housing of the shock absorber.

3. Assemble the dust cover and bump stop
Connect the dust sleeve with the bump stop and the metal plate.

4. Mount the coil spring
Mount bump stop, sleeve and coil spring.

5. Preload the coil spring
Press the coil spring together with a suitable tool until the piston rod thread extends above the upper end of the spring.

6. Mount the suspension strut bearings
Fasten the suspension strut bearings, including all attachment and mounting parts and tighten the bolts with the torque specified by the vehicle manufacturer. NOTE: Ensure that the spring is seated correctly in the shock absorber spring seat.

7. Removal
First detach the wire of the ABS sensors from the bracket on body and suspension strut and spray penetration oil on the bolts to be loosened.

8. Stabiliser bracket
Loosen the mounting screws on the stabiliser bracket and remove the spherical head from the bracket on the suspension strut.

9. Suspension strut
Support the stub axle on the lower wishbone with a suitable tool (e.g. gear jack). Loosen and then remove the retaining screw of the suspension strut on the stub axle.

10. Suspension strut top mount and bearing
Loosen and remove the nuts of the three studs on the top mount bearing. The suspension strut can now be completely removed from the vehicle.

11. Installation
Position the suspension strut in its installation position. Start the nuts on the studs of the upper attachment for initial fixing.

12. Suspension strut
Clean the contact surfaces of the stub axle on the suspension strut and move the suspension strut to its installation position. Now fasten the mounting screws. Apply bolt locking agent to the thread and tighten the nuts with the torque specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

13. Install the stabiliser bracket
Install the stabiliser bracket and tighten the nuts with the torque specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

14. Bracket for ABS sensor wire
Mount the supplied bracket for the ABS sensor wire and fasten it to the brackets on suspension strut and body.

15. Suspension strut bearing
Tighten the nuts of the upper attachment to the torque specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

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