Hybrid servicing – special tools

Hybrid servicing – special tools

At the end of 2011, Facom launched a new range of tools dedicated to the safe maintenance and repair of hybrid and electric vehicles. All the tools in the EVT range have been designed specifically by Facom to protect mechanics as the high voltage systems in electric and high voltage vehicles can have up to 500 volts running through some cables – enough to cause serious harm or even death.

In producing the EVT range, the company was able to use its experience of manufacturing 1,000 volt insulated tools to produce a selection of products that comply with EN 60900; indeed every tool is tested individually at 10,000 volts for 10 seconds at a time.

Hailed by Honda
After trialling Facom’s 1/4” and 3/8” drive insulated socket sets on their hybrid and high voltage models including the Jazz, Honda now considers the tools ‘a must’, which is why the brand is using the products in Honda institutes in London, Nottinghamshire and Glasgow, Scotland. Honda has also recommended the range for all Honda dealerships where hybrid vehicle maintenance is required.

Honda UK Technical Coordinator, John Hensman, said: “Facom tools are brilliant. We’ve been using Facom since our first hybrid car – the Insight – back in 1999. Many of our cars have a 158 volt battery, and as stated in the Honda training manual, it is essential that insulated tools are used to reduce risk of harm to the technicians and to the vehicles. Facom’s insulated socket sets have proved reliable and of a high standard – even the smaller capacity set has the same quality of insulation.

“For the work we do at Honda, the tools are perfect, especially the more compact tools, because a lot of the electronics on the car components can be very small – some can measure as little as eight millimetres in size.”

Comprehensive selection
Facom’s EVT range comprises a full complement of insulated tools including ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, spanners, Twrenches, pliers and an insulated torque wrench. Latex insulation gloves, protective outer gloves and a secure roller cabinet are also available.

An important safety feature of the EVT tool range is the two-step colour-code system. If any of the orange-coloured outer insulation material is missing, a bright yellow interior is exposed, clearly indicating to the technician that the tool is no longer safe for use.

Ali Howard, UK Marketing Manager for Facom, said: “With the increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road, the demand from workshops for insulated tools has grown significantly. The new EVT range sets the standard for quality and safety, and Honda’s seal of approval reinforces that.”

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