How to use the JLM DPF Cleaning Kit – 7 easy steps

How to use the JLM DPF Cleaning Kit – 7 easy steps

Up until now, when presented with a blocked DPF (and diagnostic regenerative intervention has proved unsuccessful) a workshop could offer one of two (legal) recommendations:

1. Replace the DPF with a new unit, generally at a cost over £1,000;
2. Remove the DPF and send it away for cleaning.

The latter is, of course, a lower cost option – albeit still in the region of £200 to £300 or more – but, more importantly, the vehicle can remain off the road for a day or two while the DPF is being cleaned and returned.

Professional DPF Cleaning Kit

To offer technicians a further alternative, JLM Lubricants has launched a new professional solution that it claims will enable any workshop to clean and flush a blocked DPF in just one hour.

This means that a vehicle can be quickly put back on the road with minimum disruption to the customer and, to the workshop, this equates to a valuable additional service offering to help deal with a growing problem associated with low mileage or urban cycle diesel engines.

How does it work?

The JLM DPF Cleaning Kit includes a stage 1 powerful cleaning solution. Using the dedicated pressure fed dispenser and connector, the cleaning fluid is added directly to the DPF. The filter is then flushed using the stage 2 flushing solution to remove the contamination that is blocking the filter.

Afterwards the vehicle should go through a ‘forced’ regeneration cycle to complete the cleaning process. Finally, especially for low mileage cars, treating the fuel system with JLM DPF Cleaner, a powerful regeneration additive to help promote future regeneration cycles, can help prevent repeat blockages.

Talking about the solution, Mike told us: “This is an ideal opportunity for workshops to provide a valuable additional service to their diesel customers. The JLM DPF Cleaning Kit and additives offer a quick and cost-effective solution, as well as helping to prolong the life of a very expensive component.”

This step-by-step guide shows how you can clean a blocked DPF in just one hour without needing to remove the filter:

1. Fill the sprayer tank with the Stage 1 JLM DPF Cleaning Fluid.

2. Connect the conical nozzle to the soft hose of the front DPF pressure sensor. Steadily spray all the cleaning fluid into the DPF for approximately one minute and let it settle for two to three minutes.

3. Now run the engine for two to three minutes at 2,000 – 3,000 RPM. Make sure a collector is placed under the exhaust.

4. Fill the empty sprayer tank with JLM DPF Flush Fluid. Gradually spray all the Flush Fluid (1.5L) through the DPF while keeping the engine running at 2,000 – 3,000 RPM.

5. After flushing, dry the sensor hose thoroughly and reconnect.

6. Add 1 x JLM DPF Cleaner to prepare the DPF for optimal regeneration (recommended).

7. Start a regeneration cycle via the on-board computer, following the VM guidelines. Reset any warning signals related to the DPF. Alternatively, drive the vehicle for approx. 20 minutes at suitable speed/RPM to initiate a regeneration cycle.

Watch the full process, as well as a promotional video offering further information about the JLM DPF Cleaning Kit here:

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