How to fix condensation in headlamps on a Volvo V40

How to fix condensation in headlamps on a Volvo V40

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Volvo V40 – Condensation in headlamps

A customer of ours has a problem with their 2012 Volvo V40 as the headlamps have excessive condensation in them. We’ve visually checked the headlamps for damage and thoroughly dried them out, but the condensation soon returns. Is this a common issue?

This problem is due to a lack of ventilation holes in the headlamps. To complete this repair a ventilation membrane (available from parts distributors) will be required. Remove the headlamp and the headlamp rear cover (Fig 1) and then make two ventilation holes in the headlamp rear cover (Fig 2) with a 13mm drill bit, ensuring 17mm clearance between each hole (Fig 3). Ensure all plastic swarf is removed from the ventilation holes. Thoroughly clean the area around the ventilation holes and fit the ventilation membrane, ensuring the ventilation holes are covered. After this you should then repeat the procedure on the opposite headlamp.

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