Is Your Hand Brake Adjustment Out?
Is Your Hand Brake Adjustment Out?

Is Your Hand Brake Adjustment Out?

How to reset the handbrake mechanism when fitting calipers

If the hand brake lever is moved prior to fitting and adjustment to the vehicle it will throw the automatic hand brake adjustment out. If this happens, the hand brake mechanism will have to be reset by the following methods:


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For type A calipers (Slots in piston type)

If the caliper hasn’t been fitted to the vehicle then, using a suitable tool, locate the slots in the piston and turn it in clockwise until it stops. Take care, however, as later calipers can have a left hand thread.

Turn the piston back out between a ¼ and ½ turn – this resets the mechanism back to the lever.  Continue to turn the piston out until you reach the necessary adjustment of 1mm clearance between the disc and the pads. If there is a locating peg on the back of the pads, you will need to line this peg up with a slot in the piston. The easiest way is to mount the pads in the caliper and then slide the whole assembly over the disc. Bleed the caliper through, then operate the pedal a few times to centralise the assembly. Finally, connect the hand brake cable and adjust accordingly.

If the caliper has been fitted to the vehicle and the adjustment has been lost you’ll need to start the reset procedure by first taking off the hand brake cable, then clamping off the hydraulic flexi-pipe, before opening up the bleed screw. Now follow the aforementioned procedure again.

For type B calipers(Threaded plug on back of caliper)

Remove the threaded plug to reveal an allen headed bolt type adjuster. Using a 4mm allen key, turn it anti-clockwise to wind the piston in until it stops. Turn the allen key clockwise to wind the piston back out between a ¼ and ½ turn. Then follow the previously described procedure for the Type A caliper, but using the allen key to turn the piston.

Don’t forget to replace the threaded plug!

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