Four uses for K-Seal

Four uses for K-Seal

In this article Kalimex shares four examples of motorists who’d all but given up on vehicle complaints until they tried K-Seal.

K-Seal is a one-step multi-purpose system for coolant leak repairs that will permanently repair leaks in the head, head gasket, block, radiator, heater matrix, freeze plug and water pump casing. But why do thousands of professional motor mechanics in the UK and the USA refer to K-Seal as ‘the miracle in the little blue bottle?’ Well, it’s simple to use and there is no need to drain or flush the system or worry about what type of antifreeze or coolant is in the cooling system. If one of your customers can’t afford to pay for a replacement head gasket or radiator then a workshop repair with K-Seal may just save the day.

SYMPTOMS: Damp mats in the foot-well
DIAGNOSIS: Heater matrix leak
CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: “K-Seal did its job fantastically. I cleaned out the system, filled half full, put the K-Seal in, topped it up and bingo! No wet feet and no leaks in the engine bay.”

SYMPTOMS: Losing coolant – no sign of water under the engine
DIAGNOSIS: Head gasket failure
CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: “The head gasket was well and truly blown. I fired in three bottles of K-Seal and now the digger is back in action.”

SYMPTOMS: Losing coolant – puddle under the engine
DIAGNOSIS: Cracked block
CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: “I put some K-Seal into the radiator and by the time I’d put the bottle on the floor, the leak had stopped!”

SYMPTOMS: Bubbles in the overflow tank
DIAGNOSIS: Head gasket failure
CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: “I poured in K-Seal. In four minutes there was no more exhaust gas in the coolant… running well 2,000 miles later.”

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