Fiat Model Causing Early Failure of Starter Motor

Fiat Model Causing Early Failure of Starter Motor

A fault on a Fiat model, triggered by a corroded earth point which results in poor starting, is causing premature failures, rotating electrics specialist, Autoelectro, has warned.

The starter motor for the Grande Punto 1.4 (2006-onwards), because of the poor electrical connection, has been known to excessively crank. As a result, the component begins to burn out and fail.

To avoid such problems, technicians are advised to remove the earth point, clean and lubricate it, before installing the replacement starter motor; however, if the fault has already occurred, check the condition of the earth point, which can usually be found under the windscreen washer reservoir, before fitting the replacement starter motor.

Below is a list of symptoms that indicate potential failure:

  • Blue colour on armature shaft near pinion
  • Rattling inside motor when starter motor is shaken
  • Burnt smell from inside the starter motor
  • Damaged teeth on starter motor
  • Burnt/discoloured/melted/broken wire from solenoid to starter body

Failure to rectify the fault above will result in early failure of the replacement starter motor and the warranty will be void.

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