Febi shares cause behind three fault codes

Febi shares cause behind three fault codes

Febi shines a light on a common cause behind three fault codes.


The vehicle experiencing lack of power and poor performance when accelerating under load. Engine management warning lamp illuminated. Using a suitable diagnostic tool, the engine control unit may have the following fault codes logged:

  • P2282 – Air mass meter/malfunction.
  • P0299 – Charge air pressure/pressure low.
  • P2458 – Particulate filter regeneration/Max. regeneration


Constant hot and cold operating conditions under the bonnet causes the deterioration of the turbocharger intake hose. This leads to the hose splitting, reducing the amount of boost the turbocharger can generate. The increased amount of unmetered air entering the combustion process causes the vehicle to experience a reduction in performance.


Check that the components of the air intake system, such as the air mass meter and boost pressure sensor, are working within tolerances. If fault code P2282 is shown, check the condition of the lower left intercooler/charger intake hose – due to this part being a known issue – and replace if necessary. febi replacement part 180417 is made to the exacting standards of the latest version of the OE hose. Check the condition of the other intercooler/charger hoses and also replace if necessary. When the work is complete, the fault codes should be reset from the ECU and the vehicle test driven to check that the engine performance has been restored.

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