Exhaust Manifold Bolt Removal

Exhaust Manifold Bolt Removal

A safe, fast and efficient way to remove rusted, inaccessible exhaust manifold bolts using the Mini-Ductor Venom. 

Removing exhaust manifold bolts is often a lengthy, difficult and frustrating task for motor mechanics. The nuts securing the bolts rust easily and, as they are usually placed in inaccessible areas, they become very difficult to remove.

Why use induction heating?

The Mini-Ductor Venom is said to have multiple benefits that keep mechanics safer, whilst helping to remove problem parts quickly and easily:

Safety – The coil itself doesn’t get hot. Instead, the energy is created by an electromagnetic field between the two sides of the coil, which creates friction in the molecules of the metal which, in turn causes it to get hot. Induction heeating is a ,much safer alternative to an oxy-acetylene powered naked flame, whichh often cannot be used in sensitive raiser, such as exhausts.

Works fast – typically, the rust and corrosion is broken down in 15-20 seconds.

Economical – Parts can often be reused and there’s no costly collateral damage to the area surrounding the problem part, which would happen with a naked flame.

Profitable – All of the above leads to increased productivity and profits.

Step-by-step instructions for removing an exhaust manifold bolt

Equipment needed: Heat-resistant gloves, overalls, goggles and a respirator mask (if smoke is produced from heating).

Knowledge required: A sound knowledge of the tool’s safety and operating instructions.

Select the correct coil; the bendable coils come in various sizes

Bend the coil to enable easy access to the nut. The coil provides good access to the bolt and fits around the part without touching it.

Attach the coil using the twist lock mechanism.

Heat the nut for 15-20 seconds, whilst being cautious not to overheat or turn red hot.

Use a selected tool to unscrew the nut, then dispose of excessively heated hardware.

When the bolt has cooled it can be removed by hand.

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