Costing It Out
Costing It Out

Costing It Out

Ring Automotive explains why technicians should look beyond cost and consider installation time when weighing up LCV lighting.

Cost is always going to be a significant consideration when looking at components for LCVs. Work vans need to be resilient and efficient, while also meeting a budget to make them cost effective for the business using them. But going for the cheapest piece of kit is not always the best approach. As well as potentially being of poorer quality, if the installation time is not taken into consideration, then a lower price tag could end up costing a lot more in labour costs.

Staff time vs unit cost

For a skilled technician installing a warning light, work lighting or inverter, time is of the essence, as labour will be one of the biggest elements of any job. Therefore, for your customers, cutting down installation time is a no-brainer. Plus, with lower installation time, you can get more customers through the workshop in any given day. It’s a win-win to take installation time into account when choosing your supplier.

Installation options

A simple example could be looking at warning lighting. Look out for models with magnetic mounts, or single bolt fixings, rather than needing several holes drilled to be secured. Camera systems that have wireless elements may be more expensive than a conventional wired equivalent, but if it knocks an hour off installation, it can make it quicker for the installer and lower cost overall for the customer.

This principle becomes even more relevant once it comes to more complex power management and switching.

Ring Carnation’s latest Wireless Switching Power Hub can help reduce installation time by up to 35%, but still provide the capacity needed in an LCV. The Power Hub provides up to eight output ports with a total rating of 60A, providing ease of connection for ancillary electrical items. Switching is controlled via a Rechargeable Wireless Switching Panel and comes complete with 360° swivel mount docking station. The Switch Panel is fully backlit and, like the Power Hub, features switching indicator lights. It can be also be used remotely from the docking station, enabling greater flexibility. In practice, the Ring Power Hub can reduce the installation time on a typical installation with 1x light bar, 2x work lamps, 3x interior lights and a hand wash from three hours to under two hours.

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