Auxiliary drive belt fitment – Ford Mondeo

Auxiliary drive belt fitment – Ford Mondeo

This technical advice relates to the fitting of SKF`s auxiliary kit and the difficulties that can be faced when doing this.

CAR MAKER           MODEL               ENGINE           ENGINE CODES
      Ford                  Mondeo III          2.0 Tdci              Duratorq
      Ford                  Mondeo III          2.2 Tdci              Duratorq
      Ford                   Transit                2.0 Tdci               Duratorq

On the above listed applications, replacement of the alternator belt requires the removal of the tensioner, as the belt is routed between the tensioner plate and the engine block. In addition to this, dismounting of the tensioner is only possible if the alternator and the alternator bracket are removed from the engine.

Fitting recommendations
1. Release the tension from the multi-v belt, by attaching the correct tool (Ford T303676) to the captive nut on the back of the VKM 34032 tensioner.

2. Disconnect the battery and remove the alternator (two bolts need to be removed at the bottom of the alternator to do this).

3. Remove the alternator bracket with the VKM 34032 tensioner attached to it.

4. Replace the VKM 34030 idler (the one above the crankshaft damper).

5. On a suitable surface (such as a workbench), replace the VKM 34032 tensioner on the alternator bracket. In addition, also replace the VKM 34031 idler.

6. Route the new belt before you install the tensioner on the engine. Tension the belt using the correct tool (Ford T303676) and check if the belt is correctly located on all of its pulleys.

7. Re-install all other dismounted components.

The OE belt length is key to ensuring a good quality repair and performance from the auxiliary system. The wrong belt length (shorter or longer) could lead to premature failure of the complete auxiliary system.

To install confidence and avoid future claims – service the auxiliary drive system with the complete VKMA auxiliary kit!

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