Winter essentials from Avon Tyres: WV7, WT7 and WM Van

Winter essentials from Avon Tyres: WV7, WT7 and WM Van

With temperatures dropping in the run-up to Christmas, Avon Tyres has ensured winter tyre availability for next day delivery to most parts of the UK.

This relates to the full new Avon winter tyre range, including the Avon WV7 performance winter tyre, the Avon WT7 premium winter tyre, and WM Van which has been specifically designed for medium-sized vans.

The WV7 has increased sipe density to improve traction in snow, ice, slush and wet weather. Available in 15 to 18-inch sizes to fit popular performance cars, the WV7 is H and V speed rated. It features forward-facing shoulder grooves and V-slots to enhance braking.

The WT7 premium tyre has been performance tested in Alpine winter conditions. Available in a range of 13 to 16-inch sizes to fit many car types, the WT7 is T speed rated.

Avon’s WM Van tyre provides excellent traction, for medium-sized vans, in all winter conditions due to its high silica content tread formulation. Sizes are available to fit most popular van makes and models.

For more information on the winter rabge from Avon Tyres, click here.


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