TreadReader Scan Tool

TreadReader Scan Tool

The TreadReader from Hofmann Megaplan is a handheld scan tool that provides an instant 3D image of the tire, providing vital data such as tread depth and adverse wear.

Advisory information like misalignment or uneven wear due to under or over-inflation is also displayed, providing a ‘no-question’ presentation to the vehicle owner on the condition of their tyres, and the recommended resolution – whether it is immediate or in the future.

The unit itself is lightweight, robust (the company claims it has the same characteristics of a well- known brand of hammer drill, and can withstand the volume use of a heavy-handed technician!) and requires just a few seconds to run over all four tyres for instant upload to a smart phone or tablet via the TreadReader App, which can then be converted into a hard printout or electronic document.

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