The End of Overtightening?
The End of Overtightening?

The End of Overtightening?

The new CP8849 1⁄2” Cordless Impact wrench from Chicago Pneumatic offers a wealth of features designed to put the operator in full control. It delivers a powerful 1150+ Nm and boasts four settings in forward (two of which are shut-off options) and one in reverse. According to the company, this tool is ideal for tyre changing and general maintenance.

Global Business Development for Vehicle Service at Chicago Pneumatic, Yann Pasco, says, “We’re very proud to offer the vehicle service industry the first true 1⁄2” cordless impact wrench in its power class with two shut-off positions.

“With a choice of slow mode and fast mode, the CP8849 puts the operator in full control of tightening operations and proactively guides critical parameters such as torque to ensure the job is completed correctly.”

The tool has been launched following a study by Chicago Pneumatic into the usage of power tools while changing tyres. As a result of the study, two key challenges emerged:

1) When operators need to do an initial approach to set up the bolt, they use an impact wrench because it is quicker and easier. However, because the power on traditional impact wrenches cannot be controlled, they commonly start impacting and tightening the bolt instead of just performing a first approach. The slow mode setting on the new CP8849 is the solution to this issue, as it can be used as a ‘snugging’ tool – i.e. it replicates the subtle pressure and precision of hand tightening required for a first approach, without the impact wrench applying any undue force or tightening action.

2) The second challenge identified was under-tightening or overtightening of bolts. The tool’s fast mode allows the operator to tighten bolts at speed and with absolute confidence that it will shut-off just before the maximum torque is reached. The operator can then simply finish off the tightening with a manual torque wrench (such as the CP8915), safe in the knowledge that the bolt has been tightened correctly.

Fast mode is therefore claimed to be a major advantage in delivering repeatable, consistent quality and safety in tightening applications.

In addition to the two shut-off modes, the tool offers a 50% of maximum torque and a 100% of maximum torque forward setting, as well as a full power reverse setting. Each operating mode is easily set by pressing the selected option of the brushless motor.

The tool also has one particularly distinctive feature, according to Chicago Pneumatic: a display at the back of the tool which illuminates the selected mode. So, with a single glance and without having to change position, the operator knows exactly which setting is selected and whether the impact wrench is in forward or reverse. The operating modes are accompanied by a number of other features that make the CP8849 easy and comfortable to use. The Side2Side forward and reverse system enables the user to select different settings with a single hand, while a thermo plastic rubber over-molded handle guarantees a firm grip and sure handling.

In addition, the CP8849 is equipped with four front LED lights that enable the operator to see clearly in dark spaces. To ensure the CP8849 can withstand the rigours of professional vehicle service environments, it has shock-absorbing bumpers on each side and on top.

The CP8849 1⁄2” cordless, brushless impact wrench is equipped with two batteries and one charger, with 20V 4Ah or 20V 6Ah options.

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