STP – Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment

STP – Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment

STP has launched a unique and immensely versatile treatment, with many uses, designed to keep all 2- and 4-stroke petrol and diesel-powered engines running at their best.

Called MPMT (Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment), this latest STP product has extremely varied applications. Aside from cars, vans and commercial vehicles, the benefits of MPMT extend to motorcycles, lawnmowers, chain saws and all powered garden equipment, boats, tractors and farm machinery.

Containing a specially-formulated blend of fuel and lubricant additives plus anti-corrosion agents and moisture repellants, MPMT constitutes a complete engine tonic for year-round dosing to both fuel and oil.

Illustrating the versatility of MPMT, a 500ml bottle will treat two cars as a fuel additive (petrol, diesel or bio-fuel), and equally is of value as an oil treatment or engine flush.

One application delivers a wide range of benefits, including reduced emissions, extra engine protection, and cleaning/conditioning the fuel delivery system, all contributing to peak engine efficiency.

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