Snickers reveals its work trousers and kneepads

Snickers reveals its work trousers and kneepads

It’s said that hard-working craftsmen and women put more pressure on their knees than many top athletes.

That’s why the risk of knee injuries is far higher among trade professionals and manual workers than other occupations. A great way to avoid knee problems is to wear Snickers workwear trousers with their innovative knee protection – KneeGuard.

Snickers Workwear has 86 different types of work trousers in multiple sizes to suit a host different trades and jobs on site, plus eight different types of kneepads. The design features of both the work trousers and kneepads aim to deliver flexibility when you walk, yet they close around your knees when you kneel down – to prevent your knees from sliding off the kneepad when moving around on the floor.

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