Puls-air unveils its workshop heater

Puls-air unveils its workshop heater

Inflation and price increases have caused heating costs to rise but the heaters from Austrian manufacturer Puls-air aim to reduce costs.

The heater is oil-powered and uses patented pulsating combustion which says to have an efficiency of 97 per cent. This means that almost all the fuel supplied is converted into heat.

During combustion, an oscillating gas column is created that changes direction 63 times a second. Movement = heat. This heat is used to heat the workshops and halls. The second reason is the physically optimal positioning on the floor of the room to be heated. The warm air is released where work is being done, distributes itself in the floor area and then slowly rises, cools at the top, sinks again and is drawn back through the unit preheated. A slowly rotating thermal air roll is created, the entire room is heated evenly and quickly. Most Puls-air customers report heating cost savings of more than 50 per cent compared to ceiling fans, radiators, etc. Warm up the workshop

Installation tips

  • Place the unit in the room to be heated.
  • Plug in 230 volt power
  • Conduct the exhaust gas via a 35 mm stainless steel pipe over the roof into the open air.

The manufacturer also recommends connecting the unit to a larger heating oil tank via an 8 mm copper pipe and a non-return valve. Thanks to the 20-litre tank supplied, the heating system is immediately ready for operation.

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