Product test: Kärcher High Pressure Cleaner

Product test: Kärcher High Pressure Cleaner

PMM reviewer, John Hall, discovers what regular high pressure cleaning can do for his business.

I was given the task of using this pressure washer for some weeks and I must admit, I went in rather sceptical, thinking “what could possibly be so different about this cold power washer?” My eyes, it must be said, have now been opened. Despite the moderate size, this washer is a heavy duty, well-built unit.

The cleaner arrived in a large box with simple but complete instructions on assembly, upon initial testing I was impressed by the ease of assembly and disassembly using the lightweight non-kink hose and the ‘EASY!lock’ connections which only require a single turn to fully attach – making them up to five times faster to use than a conventional hose. The EASY!force trigger, to which the hose attaches, the lance and nozzles are all lightweight compared to most, they are safe with trigger lock and easy to use for extended periods. This does offer comfort when in continuous use during the working day in a cleaning or valeting bay for example.

Product test: Kärcher High Pressure Cleaner

The unit is supplied with two nozzles, a 10-metre hose and EASY!force trigger assembly. The first nozzle is of a manually variable type, changing from a straight jet for stubborn marks through a low-pressure flat spray for using with chemicals or detergent, to a high-pressure flat stream (25°) for normally soiled areas. Also included is the “dirt blaster” nozzle which uses a unique rotating jet of water which is claimed to clean up to 50 per cent faster on hard surfaces like patios etc – this I can confirm is so powerful and makes such light work of heavily soiled/greasy paths and can help with your approach to health and safety for not only your staff but for customer safety.

The unit itself is very well thought out. Upright, it is easy to manoeuvre with its large wheels and extendable handle but when laid down it sits on skids to prevent movement and getting dragged under vehicles etc.

The detergent additive facility is by using a retractable suction hose with filter attached and its adjustable dosing facility, which means you can control the suction amount and monitor your usage more accurately.

The device is capable of operating at 120 bar pressure and delivering 500 litres/hour, so it’s not shy on performance.

Other neat design features include the storage on the cart for hose, lance and cable and internal, easily cleaned water inlet filter. There are a wide range of accessories available such as different nozzles for specialist cleaning, fixed mounting of hoses and even LED lighting of the lance!

The unit is easy and simple to use with great results – a great deal faster than most cheaper units and it’s very easy to carry at under 25kg, making it easy to store and lock away after use.

I have used it to clean normal cars with road dirt, pick-up trucks heavily soiled from farming and household patios/paths/wheelie bins and can say without doubt it is a very versatile and solid investment for any business that has a need for regular cleaning. It’s so easy to use that adding an exterior wash to any service you provide to your customers’ vehicles will be completed in no time at all and the power of the machine will give you the confidence that the clean will be thorough. It also makes light work of cleaning off larger components like gearboxes or axles prior to refitting or even cleaning off areas before work for better examination using some of the degreasing chemicals available.

Product test: Kärcher High Pressure Cleaner

A flashy finish

One of the main and most safety critical uses is that of workplace safety, as shown in some of my pictures. Cleaning under ramps, pits and general work areas helps prevent slips and allows for cleaning up spills more quickly. What’s more, it adds to the professional image, should customers be invited into your work area to view components or issues with their cars.

If you only use this product to maintain your workspace in a clean and safe manner, you will not be disappointed. As with all investments, however, you will soon be using it to clean components for inspection or warranty return and even full cleaning of vehicle undersides and wheel arches prior to involved work that requires dirt removal – for example, welding/painting or even wiring repairs where contamination of the harness prevents a clean repair.

Imagine having your car serviced (like at a main dealer) and it is returned in a clean condition with all the wheels free of fingerprints and the bodywork sparkling – it will set you apart from the garage down the road and gives the customer something to take away and tell their friends about.

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