Pro-Align launches induction heaters

Pro-Align launches induction heaters

The Teknel Butterfly and the Teknel Dragon 300, from Pro-Align, are induction heaters that allow technicians to heat ferrous materials and aluminium in a matter of seconds.

This means that a host of regular workshop operations, such as unlocking joints and bolts, can be carried out quicker than ever before. Use of the induction heaters can also save more than 50% of the cost of using gaseous based heating equipment. Both induction heaters are capable of heating required areas up to a maximum of 800°C.

The Butterfly has a maximum power of 3.5kW and the Dragon 3.9kW, both being selectable over 10 different output levels.

The Butterfly provides over 30 minutes of continuous working time, and with a weight of just 7kg, this makes it an extremely portable and convenient unit.

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