Power-TEC unveils glue puller

Power-TEC unveils glue puller

Glue pulling is an ideal repair process when there is restricted access behind the dent to be repaired and when used with care the paintwork will not be damaged.

This kit from Power-TEC (part number 92395) uses a pneumatic dent puller (powered from the workshop air line) and is supplied with ten assorted glue pads, including circular and split elliptical versions suitable for a variety of different dent shapes and sizes.

The pressure of the pneumatic puller can be adjusted to suit the size and depth of the dent and the speed of the pull. The length of the draw can also be adjusted to suit the size of the glue pad and the depth of the dent. The pull can be steady and slow or for more stubborn dents the slide hammer action can be used to steadily tap the dent out. With a shallow dent sometimes just one steady pull will remove it while a deeper dent may require two or three applications of the glue pad.

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