Osram – Motorcycle and scooter bulbs

Osram – Motorcycle and scooter bulbs

Osram’s ranges of high performance bulbs are renowned throughout Europe for their impressive light output and reliability; and more importantly provide more visibility and safety on the road.

Motorcycle and scooter bulbsOsram opens up new options for upgrading motorcycle lighting to perfectly suit individual requirements.

With more cars on the road using DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) it is even more important for motorcyclists to stand out in traffic and be noticed by other road users.

The Osram Night Racer 110, produces 110% more light and a 20% whiter light than conventional halogen bulbs. Now with a 40 metre longer beam, these vibration resistant bulbs are available for various motorbike makes and models in twin and single blister packs for H4 and H7 ECE bulb types.

Osram Night Racer 50 bulbs provide up to 50% more light than conventional halogen bulbs and a 20 metre longer beam. This bulb is also made with vibration resistant technology and is also available in single blister packs for H4, H7 and HS1 ECE bulb types, so it can be fitted to virtually any motorcycle.

The Osram X-Racer range offers a bright bluish-white light with a colour temperature of up to 4200K (Kelvin) and up to 20% more light thantandard halogen bulbs. It is also available in H4 and H7 ECE types in twin blister packs.

Osram Original range includes Scooters

Motorcycle and scooter bulbsThe Osram Original 12V range has been extended to include two special bulbs for scooter riders. The S1 and S2 ECE types add to the Original HS1 bulb type to compliment the Original motorcycle range.

Osram Original S1 and S2 have an impressive price performance ratio. They last up to four times longer than standard bulbs, and the halogen burner ensures that the bulb does not blacken at any time during its life. The new Osram Original bulbs are available in single blister packs and boxes only.

In addition to the product improvements, there is a new packaging design for the Osram Night Racer and X-Racer motorcycle bulbs, both appearing on the shelves in grey mini motorcycle helmets. All Osram motorcycle bulbs are road legal and ECE approved for use on public roads and are made in Germany.

As a like for like replacement to standard halogen bulbs they are the perfect upgrade solution for all motorcyclists.

For more information about Osram’s range of motorcycle and scooter bulbs, click here.

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