Norbar Launches ClickTronic Wrench

Norbar Launches ClickTronic Wrench

Norbar Torque Tools has launched a new digital scale mechanical torque wrench specifically designed with garage professionals in mind.

The new ClickTronic wrench combines the proven mechanism of the company’s popular Professional wrench, with a new easy-to-read display which will significantly reduce setting errors.

The new wrench is accurate to within ±3% of reading, which meets and exceeds ISO6789:2003. The new tool has multiple torque units which means that users can work in their preferred units of measurement; imperial, S.I. or metric.

Additional features include a USB charging point, which uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and a push/pull lock and adjustment knob which has a coloured band to clearly indicate that the wrench is in an unlocked position and ready to be set.

It’s also equipped with a Timestrip®, unique on a torque wrench, which provides a visual indication of when the wrench needs recalibration.

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