Mobiletron COM Tester

Mobiletron COM Tester

Mobiletron has announced the launch of its COM02 Voltage regulator tester that has been developed to reduce costs for BSS and LIN regulator testing.

The portable handheld tester with an intuitive interface tests both RVC and COM regulators, aiming to provide the most accurate test result possible.

The latest addition to Mobiletron’s rotating electrical range, tests whether the voltage regulator is in full working order, whilst eliminating the need to remove the alternator from the vehicle.

A vehicle’s voltage regulator controls power distribution from the alternator to the battery and the tester is said to be an essential tool as it will ensure that any faults are easily identified and can be resolved as quickly as possible.

The COM02 Tester is ergonomically designed for ease of use and comes with a range of benefits including a universal testing cable. The tester works with both BSS and LIN protocols up to LIN 2.0. As well as the BSS and LIN with popular voltage regulators such as Bosch, Denso, Mitsubishi and Valeo.

Several pre-set duty cycles for RVC regulators can be selected to test the varying output voltage. The tester will provide error codes for both RVC and COM regulators, to give the most accurate test results. The COM02 can also be used in conjunction with the VRT-10 or ALT-98 tester. The tester will also read and display COM Regulator ID codes to avoid incorrect installation.

The regulator tester can also automatically detect the regulator’s protocol and ID code. The reason this is said to be important is if the protocol and ID do not match perfectly then the vehicle will show a warning lamp on the dashboard.

The tester is future-proof with the ability to update it using a USB drive ensuring that the COM02 is always at the cutting edge of Voltage regulator testing.

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