Lumileds unveils headlight bulbs

Lumileds unveils headlight bulbs

New headlight bulbs from Lumileds provide 350 per cent more brightness thanks to LED technology.

“OEM-level performance”

Lumileds’ next-generation Philips Ultinon Pro9100 LED range claims to deliver automotive “OEM-level performance”. Equipped with Luxeon Altilon TopContact LED technology, exclusively used by car makers, these headlight bulbs offer consistency and performance with up to 350 per cent more brightness. They generate a strong, cool white light to provide sharper visibility.

The bulbs’ optimal light spectrum makes road signs more visible and allows drivers to react faster, providing a great upselling opportunity for garages.

Compatible design

Conceived with performance and ease of use in mind, this new one-piece bulb design aims to allow fast, hassle-free installation. The built-in driver means no more worries about limited space in the headlight unit. This compact design ensures compatibility with a wide range of car models. LED retrofit and halogen bulbs differ from one another in terms of wattage, composition, and power consumption. Replacing halogen bulbs with other LEDs may, in some vehicles, cause issues such as flickering light. Ultinon Pro9100 bulbs need no additional adapters to eliminate flickering in most cars. They work straight from the package with the vehicle’s electrical system to provide a consistent light beam and colour temperature. The headlight bulbs are compatible with both reflector and projector headlamps and deliver a safe and perfectly aligned light beam. They also work with 12V and 24V electrical systems.

Colour temperature

The range features a colour temperature of up to 5800K, proven among original equipment manufacturers to maximise eye comfort while driving at night. This reduces fatigue and the risk of eye strain to make driving in the dark a safer, more pleasant experience. The positioning of the LED chips in Philips Ultinon Pro9100 bulbs delivers light exactly where drivers need it, on the road without dazzling oncoming vehicles. These bulbs also include SafeBeam feature, producing the best useable beam and glare-free light pattern.


At a higher light-intensity level, LEDs last much longer than conventional bulbs. Thanks to features such as AirFlux+, AirBoost and AirCool heat-management systems, the bulbs are said by the manufacturer to last for up to 5,000 hours of operation. IP-certified against dust ingress and with splash-water protection, they are also guaranteed EMI-compliant, conforming to automotive-industry standards on electromagnetic interference.

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