Kraftwerk launches LED Rechargeable Headtorch

Kraftwerk launches LED Rechargeable Headtorch

Recognising the need for hands free operation for the technician, the lightweight Kraftwerk LED Rechargeable Headtorch, has a lightweight plastic carrier with a 360° rotation.

It is also fully detachable and magnetic, so it can be easily located on any metal surface. The built-in motion sensor helps to conserve battery life and provide light only where and when it is needed. In total, the light has a powerful 260 lumens output, a typical four-hour battery life, and is fully USB rechargeable.

A second arrival is the LED Flex dot 600 worklight, which has a powerful 600 lumens illumination and delivers up to three hours running time. The light can be easily hung by its integrated hook and has a strong magnet option to attach to any metal surface. The head has a 360° rotation and is fully USB rechargeable.

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