Hybrid & Electric Safety Tools & Equipment

Hybrid & Electric Safety Tools & Equipment

Sealey discusses why tools and equipment have to be bought wisely to ensure that they are not only value for money, but that they are durable and safe – especially when you throw dangerously high voltages into the mix.

The rapid increase in hybrid and electric vehicles has meant that a lot of workshops are now equipping themselves to work on this type of vehicle. Contrary to popular myth, the range of tools and equipment to safely work on them is not expensive. However, high voltage and human bodies do not mix well, so the important thing to remember is safety first.

Safety from the ground up

The Sealey HVM17K02 is a Class 2 High voltage insulating rubber floor mat. This is an essential item which is required to protect vehicle technicians from the risk of electric shock when working on high voltage vehicles. These mats have been independently tested and certified as offering safe protection up to 17kV AC in accordance with BS EN 61111.

Think before getting hands-on

Hand protection is vital when working near the risk of electric shock. Sealey’s HVG1000VL high voltage electrician’s gloves are suitable for use on hybrid and electric vehicles. These grade 0 gloves have been tested and are safe for working on systems up to 1kV AC in accordance with EN 60903.

The piece of equipment you need to have, but hope you never have to use

We all hate to think of accidents and things going wrong, but in the event of an accident, it may be necessary to move a casualty. The Sealey high voltage rescue pole is suitable for use up to 45kV AC in dry conditions and has been tested in accordance with EN 50508. Sealey had the rescue pole subjected to a test voltage in excess of 54000V. The product passed the test and performed exactly as it was designed to.

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