Hella expands its offering

Hella expands its offering

Hella has expanded its offering by more than 200 references, the most numerous additions having been to electronics such as fuel feed units, ignition coils and sensors.

The electric additions include the following:

  • 12 fuel feed units for applications such as Chevrolet Lacetti, Dacia Logan, and Fiat Punto
  • One fuel pump for Hyundai Accent II
  • Six ignition coils for applications such as BMW3, Honda Accord IX, and Nissan Armada
  • Air mass sensors for applications such as AudiA4, BMWX1, and Fiat Ducato
  • 21 references for lambda sensors
  • 58 references for exhaust gas temperature sensors
  • An EGR valve for Renault applications

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