Diesel Filter Range; Design Enhancements

Diesel Filter Range; Design Enhancements

Comline Auto Parts improvements to popular references – EFF235 and EFF246.

EFF235 applications:

Ford C-MAX 11->, Fiesta 10->, Focus 11->, Mondeo 11->, S- MAX 11->; Mazda 3 10->; Volvo C30 10->, S40 10->, S60 11- >, S80 11->, V50 10->, V60 11->, V70 11->

EFF246 applications:

Citroën Berlingo 10->, C3 05->, C4 09->, C5 09->; Peugeot 207 09->, 308 09->, 508 10->, 5008 10->, Partner 10->

Comline has improved its diesel filter range with vital enhancements to two of its most popular references, EFF235 and EFF246, each designed to allow a smoother assembly of the component. The company has redesigned both filters, each of which reside well inside the top- 50 of the brand’s sales Pareto, with a series of visible changes.

An added chamfer

Both references now feature a chamfer – a symmetrical sloping surface at an edge or corner – between the filters’ top elements and end-caps. This upgrade will refine the assembly between the element and filter cover.

Increased cover opening

Further improvements include an increased cover opening for the filter heads, which allows an easier assembly of filter head to filter element. The cover opening diameters of both EFF235 and EFF246 have increased from 28.2±0.2 to 29±0.5mm, allowing for better alignment of the top housing bolt holes.

Centring of drain hole

The drain hole has also been relocated – specifically, centred – to enable better assembly, allowing the diesel filters to ‘sit straight’ when placed in fuel filter brackets. Not only does the movement of the drain hole allow for better assembly of the filters’ heads to the cover, but it also matches the drain hole positioning of the original equipment design.


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