Celsus – DAB1001 upgrade kit

Celsus – DAB1001 upgrade kit

To help car drivers prepare for the forthcoming digital radio switchover, the all new DABmotion DAB1001 from Celsus is a wireless digital radio kit to upgrade existing car audio systems.

It includes a hide-away interface, a sleek user control and a high performance antenna. DAB1001 is quick to set up and operate. It upgrades existing FM-RDS radio to deliver high quality digital reception through the existing audio system so drivers can get all the choice and benefit of digital listening on the move!

“DABmotion offers programmable presets and displays station, track and artist text on the existing head unit”, says Mark Baker, Celsus Marketing Director. “The high performance internal glass mount antenna and 4m extension can be located in the front or rear of the vehicle to further boost performance.”      

DAB1001 scores on versatility; the “hide away” black box interface is just 112mm x 86mm x 23mm, so it will fit easily in the glove box or behind the dash. There’s no requirement to connect to the vehicle’s CAN Bus system so installation is straightforward.

Power can be via an accessory socket (plug in 12V power supply) but the prime market is expected to fall to the growing number of garages looking to offer digital radio upgrades to existing customers during service and MOT visits. For a small amount of labour, drivers can get a system that’s powered without plugging in whilst ensuring antenna and interface placement is optimised.

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