Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner Products

Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner Products

KALIMEX has introduced two new products from the JLM stable – one aimed at cleaning the Catalytic exhaust system for petrol cars, the other for diesel cars.

The JLM Petrol Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner is claimed to contain a unique blend of additives, including an octane booster. Just one treatment of this product should reduce emissions to an acceptable level, whilst adding it every 5,000 miles will keep the fuel and exhaust system in good condition by improving its efficiency and performance.

The same is true of the JLM Diesel Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner, which includes a cetane booster. But its real USP, according to Kalmex, is that it has a DPF Regeneration additive, which is said to be a world first. This promotes the regeneration of the DPF by reducing the temperature at which carbon deposits are burned off in the DPF.

For further information from Kalimex, click here.

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