Blue Print – Radiator fan resistor

Blue Print – Radiator fan resistor

Blue Print’s radiator fan resistor for the BMW Mini, ADB111402, allows the faulty resistor to be replaced without having to buy the full radiator fan motor.

The car’s cooling system is responsible for carrying heat away from the engine to the outside air. The radiator fan motor powers the radiator fan, and failure of these parts can cause the engine to overheat. Over time, wear and tear can also cause the radiator fan to work less efficiently.

The radiator fan resistor on the BMW Mini (2001 – 2006) can fail, resulting in one or both of the fan speeds no longer working, with potential overheating issues. The resistor is attached to the radiator fan and cowling assembly but is not available separately from BMW. Thankfully Blue Print has the solution in the form of ADB111402.

Alongside the resistor, a replacement radiator is also available from the Blue Print range.

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