Alba Diagnostics – Induction Heat System

Alba Diagnostics – Induction Heat System

Alba Diagnostics has announced the release of the latest addition to its expanding range of time-saving workshop equipment. The Pro-Plus Induction Heat System is designed and manufactured in the UK, with the needs of the automotive workshop specifically in mind. Flameless heat is fast, safe and effortless, and is ideal as an aid for the removal of fasteners, rusted components, windscreens, bonded panels, trim and much more.

Accessibility to components on the vehicle, and ease of use are the two primary concerns of the technician when faced with a task requiring ‘heat’ in order to free up seized parts. The Pro-Plus unit features a remote hand-control which can be used in a variety of ‘difficult access’ situations e.g. behind wheel hubs, under wheel arches, over and above exhaust pipes etc. due to its small physical size and light weight. The main power unit is remote from the hand control, and the ‘induction coils’ are on cassette-type connectors which makes for ease of use, and simple and effective changing of coils and accessories.

The ALB40190 unit also has a number of built-in safety features – no mains voltage in the hand set, thermal control cut-out and reset, and quick connect coils which cannot come loose – all of which are designed with operator safety in mind.

The ALB40190 unit is supplied with a foot operated pedal control switch, selection of coils and flexible rope. A wide variety of optional accessories are also available.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Pro Plus Induction Heat System is available now, from most automotive tools and equipment distributors.

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