A/C Recharge range
A/C Recharge range

A/C Recharge range

STP unveils the STP Auto Freeze Air Con Recharge, and explains how it provides garages with a cost-effective solution for re-charging the refrigerant, sealing common leaks, and lubricating the A/C compressor.

It’s a busy time for technicians as cars are serviced ready for the summer. You’re probably already checking the oil and fluids and tyres, but do you add A/C into the mix as well? Once a vehicle reaches three years or older, the A/C can, on average, lose 10% refrigerant a year. This is often why drivers think the A/C is working but doesn’t seem quite as cool as it once was. In many cases, a simple ‘top up’ is all that’s required.

The STP Auto Freeze Air Con Recharge range allows technicians to properly maintain A/C systems without the need for expensive equipment/training, as it does not involve R134a refrigerant recovery at any stage. With its advanced additives, it not only recharges the air conditioning, it also seals common leaks and lubricates the compressor. The patented ICE 32 chemistry extends compressor life and provides maximum cooling power. The product is now available here in the United Kingdom, having been used extensively throughout the USA, servicing over five million A/C units per year. This STP range, aimed at the trade, will re-charge and service A/C systems for a wide variety of passenger cars.

The job can be completed in just ten minutes in three easy steps, with the following three products: a canister of Auto Freeze Air Con Recharge, a Reusable Trigger Dispenser Gauge and a Test Thermometer. The Auto Freeze Air Conditioning canister can recharge up to three vehicles, and is purchased in a refillable container that carries a refundable environmental recycling and refilling deposit.

Simply remove the port cap from the A/C low pressure service port and attach the gauge to the quick connect fitting. The gauge will only fit the low pressure connect, so it’s safe, calibrated, and colour coded for ease of use. Finally, start the engine and set the air conditioning to the lowest setting, running the car for two minutes, and place the thin pencil type gauge thermometer (measuring from 0 to 220 ͦF) in the air vent inside the car. This will show you the cabin temperature after two minutes.

Now you have the reading. Referring to the pressure gauge chart on the canister, you have your diagnosis and will know if the refrigerant needs topping up. If it does, which is often the case, keep the engine running, and shake the cannister and connect it to the gauge. As soon as you squeeze the trigger, it will dispense refrigerant into the system, and you will know from the gauge when the job is done.

To recap, STP Auto Freeze Air Con Recharge provides garages with a cost- effective solution for recharging the refrigerant, sealing common leaks, and lubricating the A/C compressor.

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