12 days of Xmas – JLM DPF Cleaning Toolkit

12 days of Xmas – JLM DPF Cleaning Toolkit

As we count down to Christmas, we will be bringing you a mix of fantastic winter products, special promotions and giveaways. Perhaps it could help you with a last-minute stocking filler for a colleague or loved one, or you could just win something nice for yourself…..


Nobody wants Santa to be covered in soot or stuck in the chimney at Christmas, and nobody wants a clogged DPF at this time or year either.

The JLM DPF Cleaning Toolkit is designed for professionals to be able to quickly and cost effectively clear a clogged DPF in less than 2 hours.

There is no need to remove the DPF, simply attach the dedicated toolkit to the DPF and apply the clean and flush fluids.

The powerful formula breaks down the soot that is blocking the DPF to allow the filter to regenerate.

So don’t send DPF business away when you can give your customers a Christmas treat with the JLM range of professional DPF cleaning products.

Visit http://www.kalimex.co.uk/our-products/jlm or call 0800 783 3717 for more details.

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