Workshops urged to replace cabin filters

Workshops urged to replace cabin filters

HELLA Hengst has urged garages to seize the opportunity and educate customers on the importance of cabin filter replacement, as workshops see a surge in air conditioning servicing.

Neglected heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can lead to the spread of bacteria and mould, endangering the health of both drivers and passengers.

Ian Mattacola, HELLA Hengst Product and Brand Manager, explained: “As a garage, you’re not just in the business of fixing cars; you’re also in the business of ensuring your customers drive away safely. Routine tasks like brake safety checks are common but many workshops simply forget about replacing the cabin filter.”

Cabin filters should reportedly be replaced at least once a year, or twice a year if the vehicle is driven extensively. Designed to filter out airborne particles before they enter the vehicle, a clean cabin filter ensures the air breathed-in by passengers is free from harmful contaminants which can exacerbate allergies and respiratory problems.

A clogged filter will additionally result in reduced airflow from vents, inconsistent temperature control, and increased strain on HVAC components, potentially leading to costly repairs down the line.

Ian continued: “Replacement with a standard cabin filter will protect the HVAC system and remove pollen and dust. Upgrading to an activated carbon filter additionally removes bad-smelling odours and hazardous gases such as ozone, smog and exhaust fumes. The premium choice is our filter, which also neutralises allergens and bacteria.”

HELLA Hengst filters feature several layers of protection to remove different types of pollutants. First, an electrostatic medium blocks large particles, helped by a filter fleece, making it better at trapping dust. Then, an active carbon layer removes vapours, odours, and harmful gases. A ‘meltblown’ medium catches fine dust and tiny particles. Finally, a bio functional layer with Nano silver acts against bacteria and has natural antibacterial properties. Together, these layers provide five-level protection from pollen, dust, mould/spores, odours, and bacteria.

Ian concluded: “Garage owners have a responsibility to educate their customers about the importance of this often-neglected filter and to include it as part of their regular service recommendations. Advising customers on cabin filter replacement demonstrates a commitment to their overall satisfaction and safety.”

Further information about the HELLA Hengst range of filters can be found here.

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