What’s the correct oil for EV air con compressors?

What’s the correct oil for EV air con compressors?

Delphi has advised technicians to be aware of the key differences between air conditioning (AC) compressors on vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) and those on an electric vehicle (EV).

The advice comes in a Masters of Motion video in which Phil Mitchell, European Workshop Solutions Manager at Delphi shares valuable insight into servicing vehicles with voltage-driven AC compressors:

Phil said: “While AC compressors in combustion vehicles are typically belt-driven, those in EVs are electrically driven by the high-voltage system, with the majority being DC powered. The transition to electrically driven compressors presents distinct advantages, including consistent cooling performance across all driving modes and the capability to efficiently heat the vehicle’s interior using a heat pump.”

The video highlights the importance of using the correct oil. While ICE vehicles are most likely to use standard PAG oil, EVs require specialist oil with low conductivity. Failure to use the correct oil will likely result in a short within the phases, resulting in a high voltage error.

Phil continued: “As EVs become ever-more prevalent, workshops must equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively diagnose, maintain, and repair EVs. Technicians can stay informed through our Masters of Motion content and there’s more in-depth Delphi Academy training, for those that want to stay ahead of the curve.”

For learning resources, technicians can go to the Delphi Training Academy here.

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