Vocational qualifications can open the way to ATA

Vocational qualifications can open the way to ATA

The IMI has announced that as of 1st April those holding a nationally recognised competency-based qualification** (NVQ, SVQ & VCQ or equivalent) in Parts or Air Conditioning will not be required to complete the ‘full’ ATA assessment. Instead, they can achieve ATA accreditation by completing ATA Update Modules.

**Candidates may accredit using this method, provided they meet the following pre-requisites:

– Candidate qualifications are in the same discipline/route as the ATA Update Modules and are at the same level as identified by the National Occupational Standards (NOS).

– Successful completion of all ATA Update Modules within three years of the date from which their NVQ/SVQ/VCQ certificate is valid.

– Presentation of original certificate to the assessment centre (photocopies will not be accepted as evidence).

Key Points Summary:

• This method has been available since April 1st 2012 for the following disciplines: MET, Panel, Paint, VDA and Light Vehicle Inspection and Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

• The competence-based qualification must be an NVQ, SVQ or VCQ.

• The qualification should be  in an appropriate discipline and at the correct level

• The competence-based qualification must be within 3 years of the issue date, i.e. has a 3 year shelf life. If the qualification does not comply with the latter, then the technician will be required to take a “full assessment” in order to achieve ATA for the first time. The centre must check the certificate.

• An ATA CARD will be issued upon completion of ATA Update Modules and lasts 3 years. The card holder will automatically be entered onto The Professional Register.

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