Top Product Awards 2013 – Diagnostics

Top Product Awards 2013 – Diagnostics

Delphi – Electronic Injector Test Kit

Claimed to be the first of its kind, this innovative product created quite a ‘buzz’ with technicians who were looking for a quick and easy way of diagnosing issues with a Common Rail solenoid injector.

Coupled with the Injector Solvent Cleaner – which cleans the internal components of the valve without removing the injector – the Electronic Injector Test Kit helps deliver a quick diagnostic solution and can also be used to resolve the specific issue of early-stage injector lacquering.

Delphi’s handheld device measures the resistance and inductance of the injector coil together and can also check for an open coil or short circuit, plus the insulation of the coil to the injector body. This drives the valve and gives the technician an audible buzzing signal.

Diagnostic Associates – Jaguar Land Rover Dongles

Jaguar Land Rover servicing and repair tasks are a common sight for the independent garage so this selection of handy ‘plug-in’ dongles have proved to be a welcome addition to the workshop diagnostic arsenal.

The units connect directly to the vehicle OBDII (Diagnostic) connector, and, once connected to the vehicle, each individual dongle performs an individual function, such as EPB release, service interval reset, DPF regeneration and PassThru compatibility.

TRW – Easycheck Tool

With just six buttons, this cracking diagnostic service tool from TRW is simple to use and requires little training. Easily updated via the internet, easycheck can be purchased an entry-level service tool – which comes complete with one function of choice, but can be added to when desired under the concept of ‘build-as-you-go’.

Additionally a full-service tool option is also available with seven functions, including Service Reset, EMS, SRS and TPMS. The tool is perfect for less experienced technicians due to its simplicity, whilst it provides a useful complementary unit for more experienced mechanics.

Exide – BRT-12 Battery Replacement Tool 

The Exide BRT-12 tool enables technicians to offer battery servicing on newer vehicles that may require diagnostic intervention in the replacement of batteries.

By connecting the diagnostic tool to the vehicle via its 12V J1962 diagnostic socket, the mechanic simply follows a set of step-by-step screen instructions to undertake the procedure and the unit also allows them to clear faults from the dashboard.

The tool features an easy-to-read LED, a handheld and durable design for protection and can also connect online via a computer to install updates. It is designed to help workshops service customers that own the latest models, while reducing labour costs and helping to better position their workshop for the future of battery business.


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