The Paddock Speedshop moves premises

The Paddock Speedshop moves premises

The Paddock Speedshop, the TV Show aiming to break ground in the Classic Car programme arena, is rapidly approaching the completion of its first series.

The TV show promotes and gives the next generation of would-be enthusiasts an insight into what it takes to restore historic vehicles and offers a taste of the joys (and frustrations!) of driving and maintaining them.

The Paddock Speedshop story included a scene in a ‘post-race’ press conference so invited media to view its new premises in the Midlands, complete with the cars that are featured in the first series – including the MGB, the competition Mini Cooper S, Aston Martin DBS Vantage and the fabulous Shelby Cobra race car, and held a real press conference.

One of the show’s stars, Ethan Blake-Jones revealed their original workshop needed more space, so the hunt for a new Paddock Speedshop was launched. The new Paddock Speedshop TV Set is a fully functioning workshop, as its predecessor had been, but the much larger building will offer the show the chance to separate various functions of the restoration process into their own dedicated areas. In addition, the team hope to engage the classic car community and host events in the space once the show airs.

The Paddock Speedshop moves premises

The first series has been some two years in the making. The original aim of introducing young people to classic cars and give them ideas as to how to turn old, and often run-down historic vehicles into cars for today is still very much its central tenet.

With one of the cars, an MGB GT the subject of a resto-mod conversion for todays roads and their Morris Minor is to become a Hillclimb Race car. Motorsport was always another main theme of the show, but the opportunity to progress into motorsport presented itself and The Paddock Speedshop gang jumped on it.

This meant that team of car restoration rookies, Ethan Blake-Jones, Lucy Busby together with would-be racer, Harvey Blake-Jones has grown with the addition of race team personnel, comprising Jon Hancock and young talent, Matt Bolderstone.

The whole team was joined in the press conference podium by Producer and race team member Craig Blake-Jones, and by Andy Wait from Motul Oil together with Jamie Smith of Nankang Tyres – two of the series’ major partners.

Producer Craig Blake-Jones revealed that The Paddock Speedshop is expected to debut around May time and the name of the Channel that will host the show will be revealed very shortly.

In the meanwhile, for a taste of what you can expect visit

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