The importance of continuous up-skilling

The importance of continuous up-skilling

An Automotive Training Academy (ATA) trainer has emphasised the proactive approach required from industry professional to “not just adapt but to thrive” in a competitive market.

Matt Williams assumes a pivotal role at the ATA, which partners with both Maverick Diagnostics and the Institute of the Motor Industry. Since its inception in 2022, he, along with the likes of Andy Brooke and Dave Jones, has been instrumental in shaping the curriculum and directing the ATA’s trajectory.

Based in Wrexham, the ATA is designed to provide technical training to professionals. Courses cover the latest in EVs and hybrids, OEM diagnostic tools, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and oscilloscopes.

Matt explained: “I am primarily responsible for delivering the bulk of the training content. While we occasionally bring in industry experts for specialised courses, I cover a wide array of topics ranging from EV diagnostics to Jaguar Land Rover systems, and fundamental diagnostic techniques with a specialisation in scopes.”

Matt continued: “Our goal is to equip professionals with the knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in their respective roles. Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of manufacturer-specific diagnostic tools or mastering the nuances of EV systems, our training is designed to empower individuals to deliver exceptional service.”

In an industry defined by innovation, Matt emphasised the importance of continuous learning. He said: “As technology advances, so must our training methodologies. Staying abreast of the latest developments ensures that our training remains relevant and effective in addressing the evolving challenges posed by modern vehicles.”

This commitment is evident in Matt’s contribution to the development of tailored courses. Focusing on the requirements of aftermarket professionals, ATA ensures training modules are comprehensive and attuned to the intricacies of modern vehicle systems.

He insisted: “Effective training requires collaboration and partnership with industry stakeholders. By understanding the needs of aftermarket users, we ensure that our courses are aligned with industry standards and equipped to address the complexities of contemporary vehicle technology.”

Maverick Diagnostics Managing Director, Laura Hall, said: “Continuous learning is not just a choice, but a necessity. Professionals must not only adapt but thrive in a competitive market. Our goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in their respective roles.

“The likes of Matt are crucial in helping us fulfil our objectives. We are lucky to have highly qualified experts deliver in-depth and engaging training, and we know from demand that our courses are relevant for modern professionals.”

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