The IMI provides homeschooling resources

The IMI provides homeschooling resources

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has collated a wealth of its careers and education resources in one place to give parents tackling homeschooling free downloadable resources.

This will include lesson plans, resources as well as fun activities for children from primary age upwards.

Joanna Hollingdale, Careers & Student Membership Manager at the IMI, explained: “A proportion of the sector remains at work, providing essential support for those who need to use their cars to get to work and to support more vulnerable family members and others in the community. But we know that a large number of automotive workers are back working from home and trying to juggle the day job with home schooling.

“Of course, most children have some official lessons each day organised by their school. But we know it’s hard to keep young minds focused on school work for the full day in the home environment without the interaction of their teachers and friends. We have, therefore, collated a number of our resources into one easy to access place via a free portal giving them something else to keep them occupied.

“Automotive is a tremendously exciting sector in which to be involved and we really hope that our resources will appeal, not only to children of automotive workers, but the wider community. We have created separate resource kits for primary and secondary age children as well as those set to leave school later this year, plus support packs for parents and teachers. It’s great to be able to give young people the chance to see the wide range of jobs available in our sector and the skills needed for those roles.”

The IMI Home Schooling packs include:

For primary school pupils

  • Create a poster: what do you think vehicles will look like in the future? Draw, paint or sketch your ideas
  • Top Trumps: have a game and learn about some potential jobs for their future

For secondary school ages

  • Acrostic poetry: create a beautiful acrostic poem with Lesson 5 teachers
  • Understand online presence with ICT Lesson 3 and support your child to be mindful online
  • Learn about angles using Lesson 10 ‘Off Road’ activity in the Maths resource
  • Lesson plans mapped to the Maths, Literacy, Business Studies and ICT curriculum using the retail automotive industry as a real life setting for tasks and activities with a student guide and teachers pack with easy to follow guidance and support materials

For those leaving school this year

  • Create a CV: Prepare for your next step and create your own CV using modules from the Employability Toolkit

The website also includes a range of games and fun careers activities.

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