Sealey’s 2017 Vehicle Service Promotion

Sealey’s 2017 Vehicle Service Promotion

Sealey’s Vehicle Service Promotion is out now. The 40 page promotion is packed with hundreds of products specifically for automotive servicing with discounts up to 54%!

The promotion features many new products, one of which is Sealey’s PFT15 On-Vehicle Hydraulic Brake Pipe Flaring Tool, which is ideal for splicing in replacement sections of brake pipe on-vehicle. The powerful, lever operated hydraulic ram makes it suitable for steel pipes. The rotating hydraulic pipework helps give easy access in confined spaces.

There’s also the VS216 – Diesel High Pressure Pump Test Kit, the essential tool for accurately measuring the high pressure fuel circuit of diesel common rail systems. This kit includes a set of dummy pump regulators and injector pipe blanks. The kit allows for a variety of tests to be conducted.

For further details or to view Sealey’s complete range, click here, or call their customer service department on 01284 757500.

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