Schaeffler discusses OneCode labelling system

Schaeffler discusses OneCode labelling system

Schaeffler’s REPXPERT service platform has been designed to equip technicians with the information they need to make workshop repairs simpler, safer and more efficient.

Accessing this data is said to be easier than ever, thanks to the REPXPERT app and the introduction of Schaeffler’s advanced OneCode product labelling system.

Schaeffler OneCode is a unique QR code located on the part number label on LuK, INA and FAG product boxes. Professional technicians can scan the code using the REPXPERT app to access product and technical information – with over 40,000 lines of data checked and updated daily. Alternatively, using the built-in camera function on any smartphone will also link directly to the product information via the REPXPERT website.

One scan of the OneCode provides instant digital access to the entire library of REPXPERT product and technical information, including vehicle manufacturer installation instructions and specifications. This one scan also allows REPXPERT members to instantly collect their bonus points, which they can then redeem against workshop clothing, tools, and consumables in the bonus shop. Garage owners and technicians need to be aware that the old-style paper bonus coupons are no longer being put into Schaeffler product boxes, so they will need to download and install the free REPXPERT app and then login using their membership details to continue taking advantage of their membership benefits.

Another reason to scan the OneCode, using the REPXPERT app, is it instantly identifies and authenticates genuine Schaeffler products, providing an additional security measure for both parts suppliers and workshops, helping to ensure there is no chance of inadvertently fitting a counterfeit part.

Over 6,000 workshop professionals have installed the REPXPERT this year, many of them wishing to take part in Schaeffler’s REPXPERT Millionaire prize draw promotion, which can only be entered by using the app to scan a OneCode to claim the bonus points.

To join them, search for ‘REPXPERT’ in the iOS or Google app stores. The app is completely free to download and install, and users can login with their existing REPXPERT membership details or register directly from the app after installation.

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