Pro-Align collaborates with IMI

Pro-Align collaborates with IMI

Pro-Align has announced a collaboration with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), to introduce an advanced training course tailored to the BS 10125 standard.

The course is designed to ensure automotive workshops and accident repair centres meet the criteria for Section C.10 – Steering, Suspension, and Braking Systems.

This one-day advanced wheel alignment course addresses the need for continuous professional development in the automotive repair sector. It guarantees certified technicians remain compliant with the BS 10125 standard, which requires reassessment every three years to maintain the BSI Kitemark for vehicle damage repair.

Clive Seabrook, CEO at Pro-Align, said: “Ensuring our technicians are equipped with the most advanced skills and knowledge is not just about compliance; it’s about redefining the standards of safety and quality in vehicle repair and maintenance. This new advanced wheel alignment course, in collaboration with the IMI, signifies a leap forward in our commitment to excellence. By strictly adhering to the BS 10125 standard, we are not just meeting expectations but are actively setting new benchmarks for the industry.”

Participants will engage in a morning session, refreshing critical knowledge of wheel alignment and its impact on steering and suspension, including up-to-date instruction on ADAS and electric & hybrid vehicles. An 80-minute examination will challenge their understanding, followed by an afternoon practical, where trainees demonstrate their skills in real-world scenarios. The objective is to shape technicians who not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the BS 10125 standard.

The course will be available three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) with an exclusive attendance cap of four individuals per session, allowing for focused, hands-on training.

Debra Bovingdon, Business Support Coordinator at the IMI, said: “Aligning with the highest standards of service and safety is paramount in the automotive repair industry. The IMI is pleased to collaborate with Pro-Align on this advanced wheel alignment course, which underscores our shared commitment to excellence and compliance with the BS 10125 standard. This course represents a strategic investment in the skills of technicians that will elevate the quality of vehicle repair and maintenance across the industry, ensuring every professional can deliver the utmost in safety and customer satisfaction.”

For scheduling and registration information, email or phone at 01327 323007, selecting option 2. For more information on the course, click here.

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