PMM Award nominations now OPEN

PMM Award nominations now OPEN

The annual PMM Awards have always been about celebrating the amazing contributions that help us put together a magazine that is equally informative and entertaining for our readers. This year, we’re asking for your opinion!

Every year, over at PMM HQ we sit down as a team to look back on the past year and the many articles we have published both online and in print. We then round up the best ones and present the winners with a prestigious PMM Award. Now, this is no easy task so this year we’re reaching out to you, our readers, to ask what your favourite articles were this year. Are you a fan of our highly technical articles from the CPD Zone, or do you prefer skipping to the back of the magazine to read all about what new products are out? Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Winners last year included a range of articles such as Maverick Diagnostics’ Andy Brooke who shares his story on being diagnosed later in his life with dyslexia and the impact this had on his career alongside more technical articles such as a’ diagnostic troubleshooter from Pico Technology that looks at a plug-in failure on an Audi Q7 e-tron.

If you want to see your favourite article on the list this year, please reach out to But remember, only the best articles can make the cut, so make sure your contribution counts!

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