KNIPEX adds three-component Comfort Handles

KNIPEX adds three-component Comfort Handles

KNIPEX has revealed its Comfort Handles which feature a third, non-slip component, designed to optimise haptic properties and enhance the handling of the tools with multi-component grips.

From this year, KNIPEX will be gradually converting these pliers to the improved handles. There will also be a KNIPEXtend interface for extensions to the pliers, for instance, for fall protection.

2024 will see the typical red and blue multi-component handles from KNIPEX gain another component in a bid for better handling of the pliers. A soft grey and specially structured surface texture aims to optimise the ergonomics of the range of pliers and ensure a better grip and control. The soft blue component for a secure and comfortable grip and the firm red component for maximum durability will be retained.

Another feature of the KNIPEX multi-component sheaths is a KNIPEXtend interface – an extension that can be used in a variety of ways. Among other things, a KNIPEX TetheredTool clip can be attached here for fall protection or a clip called KNIPEX ColorCode, which individually identifies the pliers with a coloured marking. 3D printing fans can find the data for realising their own ideas for KNIPEX clips, here.

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