Excitement at Mechanex for MECH5 Launch
Excitement at Mechanex for MECH5 Launch

Excitement at Mechanex for MECH5 Launch

Nebula Systems Ltd reported overwhelming levels of interest at the recent Mechanex show in Sandown Park, following the launch of its MECH5 diagnostics equipment.

Available now, www.MECH5.com is the world’s first, fully cloud-based, vehicle diagnostics platform that allows garages and individual technicians, professional level access to the wealth of data within the ECUs of modern vehicles.
Marketing Manager, Luke Fryer was on hand to explain to the auto professionals in attendance just how the product aims to revolutionise the ways in which technicians will undertake diagnostics and repair work.

“The show was amazingly successful for us, there were people on the stand throughout both days,” said Luke.

“It wasn’t really a case of ‘selling’ the product to garages, just simply explaining to them what it’s capable of.

“During the conversations we were having with technicians, at some point you’d see their eyes light up as the penny dropped – after that it was a no-brainer for them to sign up!

When you explain the “NETFLIX™” style model of MECH5, with its affordable no contract £30 per month subscription, £150 hardware and Cloud flexibility, there really is no risk for anyone who just wants to try it out.

“Nothing has really changed in the diagnostic tools business model for years, so it’s pretty obvious that it’s just the right time for a product like MECH5.”

To find out more about Nebula Systems Ltd and MECH5, click here.

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