EDT Automotive Introduces New Treatment for Automatic Transmissions

EDT Automotive Introduces New Treatment for Automatic Transmissions

EDT Automotive is complementing its fuel-saving and emissions-reducing engine decontamination equipment with a machine specifically designed for automatic transmission vehicles.

Building on the same award-winning principle as the EDT Engine Cleaner, the newly launched auto transmission machine removes accumulated contaminants that build up over time. The machine undertakes auto transmission fluid exchanges, removing old fluid, flushing the auto box through with a bespoke cleaner and conditioner and then replenishing it with new fluid – all automatically.

The machine also has a similarly dramatic impact on vehicles as the EDT Engine Cleaner: auto gear changes are far smoother, power delivery is improved and there are significant fuel-saving benefits.

With such technology presenting garages with an opportunity to take advantage of an as-yet untapped market, EDT Automotive believe that this unique service will be an easy sell to customers, with the long-term benefits to a vehicle’s health far outweighing the initial outlay for a treatmDecontamiation.jpg2ent.

“Some transmissions are £7-8,000: replacing a damaged one can cost more than an engine. There’s no cheap way of fixing them”, said David Holmes, Managing Director at EDT Automotive.

“With a standard automatic transmission fluid change, you’d be
lucky if you get 60 per cent of the oil changed, so you’re always working on 40 per cent contaminated oil. With what we’re bring to the market, the minimum it’s going to change is 78 per cent.

“Half of our customers who already have the EDT machine have already said they also want an auto transmission decontamination one too.”

As with the engine decontamination machine, it’s supplied to garages on a pay-per-use basis: EDT will provide the machines and garages will be invoiced per usage.

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